Be Intentional,
Live Intentionally and
Lead Intentionally.

With passion and commitment to connect with people where they are and ignite the fire inside of them to see their leadership potential and internal power to command what they want, Tameka brings a blazing energy to trainings, seminars, conferences, conventions, leadership retreats and corporate events.


It will be a blazing journey of transformation and growth.

Ready to Kill the College Game?


The step-by-step, fill in the blank blueprint for making sure your kid becomes a money magnet for college scholarships and grants.

The College for FREE® platform educates families on how to S.E.N.D. their kids to college for FREE, minimizing student loan debt. Getting a college degree is one of the gateways for building a successful foundation for life, as 66 percent of today’s jobs requires some sort of advanced education beyond high school.


This is where The College for FREE® (CFF®) program comes in to help families. We’ve had the distinct honor to touch over 5,000 families and work directly with clients to help them garner well over $40 MILLION in scholarships.

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Need me to walk you through the process of
exploring all the opportunities for your child?


Through authentic living, transparency and a commitment to excellence, Tameka is masterful at establishing rapport and trust demonstrated through strong leadership and integrity.


Learning is a part of life, growing wisely is essential, but having fun while doing so makes it all more worthwhile!


This is how leaders BLAZEUp and get the life and career they desire.

Ignite, Mobilize and Empower

with International Speaker

Tameka Williamson

From a small 10-minute speech to a keynote or full-day
training, she will tailor an igniting presentation to fit your
individual or team’s needs and budget.

When Should You Start?

In these videos, I tackle the importance of starting
the process early and the right class transitions in high school.

Tips for going to College for FREE™

Employers Who Pay for College

Top 4 Tasks for College-Bound Students

Need Help in Math?

Killing the College Game!​

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Ready to Kill the College Game?