Wouldn’t it be incredible
if financing college was no longer a concern?

It may sound pie-in-the-sky but it’s not.


College is a MAJOR life investment in time, money, and mental energy.


Tameka Williamson has developed and implemented proven strategies
that lead to… Getting A Full Ride and Going to College for Free.


Her thorough & up-to-date research has changed lives.
She knows how to effectively locate that ‘hidden’ free money in merit- and need-based scholarships,
financial aid packages, and other special programs.


Now she’s sharing this knowledge to help others get AMAZING educational opportunities.

Led by The College Prep Boss™
​Tameka Williamson

Getting into College is one thing....

Paying for it is a different thing.

  • Find money available for graduating seniors within universities, and the private sector.

  • Access to Private Accountability Group 


Tameka Williamson

College Prep Boss

One of the things that lights me up the most is seeing students fulfill their potential and dreams…without amassing crippling student loan debt.


Unfortunately, this hasn't always been the case. Instead of saying "it's too late" or "our programs are not for you," we decided to be part of the solution. 


As the previous resident College Admissions and Funding Coach for organizations, like the Urban League of Atlanta, Usher’s New Look Foundation, National College Resources Foundation, Atlanta CARES, and more, I’ve helped families garner over $75 Million in scholarships and receive acceptances into top-tier institutions like UPenn, UCLA, Stetson, Dartmouth, Howard and many more.


We are ready to serve families of graduating seniors, with limited time to figure out and demystify the complicated process of college admissions and funding. Our 4-Week program will help you Play catch-up, Decrease your stress level, Find viable funding opportunities and Stop wasting valuable time.

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